Vordel - Cloud Service Broker

Vordel Cloud Service Broker

The CSB aggregates multi-domain services across their enterprise, partners and 3rd party cloud services such as Amazon EC2, Salesforce and Google Apps. By bringing services together, Vordel Cloud Service Broker enables organizations to consistently define and manage policy across these services and report on them.

CSB securely links on-site applications with off-site cloud services from multiple providers in a hybrid cloud environment enabling enterprises to overcome the trust deficit and avoid over reliance on any single provider.

Vordel Cloud Service Broker Features

Full Visibility and Control of All your Cloud Communications
If your business reputation depends on the integrity and availability of your service, you need to be able to monitor your cloud provider's conformance with their SLA performance deliverables.

Management and Protection of the API Keys
The PCI-Data Security Standard and good corporate governance require that the API keys used to connect to Cloud Services such as those provided by Amazon AWS should not be sitting on a hard drive or in the hands of a developer.

Mediate between Public and Private Cloud applications
Achieve greater time and cost savings by using Vordel Cloud Service Broker to securely integrate local on-site applications with offsite cloud services (e.g. storage services, sales force automation and queuing mechanisms) in a hybrid cloud environment. Also perform transformation and protocol mediation between the internal applications and the Cloud.

Out of the box connectors to Cloud Services
Avoid time consuming and costly hard coding by enabling engineers to drag and drop links to quickly hook internal applications into cloud services. Vordel Cloud Service Broker offers a selection of pre-programmed Cloud Service connections.

Safeguard and classify confidential data 
The same regulatory rules apply in the cloud as outside, e.g. SOX, HIPPA, Basle II & US Patriot Act, so companies need to enforce controls for privacy and data integrity policies when communicating using cloud services. Vordel Cloud Service Broker enables selective encryption or removal of data according to sensitivity classifications.

Meter and alert cloud service usage and costs
With the Vordel Cloud Service Broker enterprises can control their data transfer to cloud computing environments to avoid unwarranted usage levels and unanticipated bills. Vordel provides autonomous metering of the cloud services usage and hands control and visibility back to internal IT and finance teams.

Conserve network bandwidth and increase performance and decrease costs
Cache frequently accessed and transmitted data to mitigate against the threat of cloud network outages and provide a level of redundancy protection. Furthermore by caching data, this removes some of the traffic required to pass to the cloud, which instead are retrieved from the local cache, thus decreasing response times, reducing latency and allowing users to save on cloud usage costs.

Audit and archive interactions with the cloud services
From a regulatory standpoint, enterprises need to be able to offer a full traceability of each and every transaction conducted.

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