Uptime Software - Cloud Monitoring & Cloud Management

Uptime Cloud Monitoring Features:

Know what to migrate into the cloud first: Quickly identify candidates for the cloud with detailed deep (and relevant) historical performance metrics that profile workloads in physical and virtual environments. Then easily monitor cloud platforms (EC2) and applications from inside the cloud. 

Easily monitor and manage cloud, virtual, and physical with a single tool: Cloud monitoring (Amazon EC2), virtual server monitoring (VMware, etc), physical server monitoring (Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Novell NetWare) from a single console. Multiple datacenters, virtualized applications, and cloud-based applications. 

Too many tools? Eliminate point tool and integration headaches. up.time meets current and future tool needs for physical, virtual and cloud monitoring and management.

Build automation that makes scaling up and problem solving simple: Management and monitoring tools need to understand how applications change over time and must trigger workflows to deal with changing workloads. up.time can automatically spin up and monitor virtual or cloud instances to meet capacity demands.

Drive SLAs, regardless of virtual, physical or cloud environment: up.time understands the SLA dependencies between applications across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Quickly identify breakdowns in infrastructure and immediately see how they affect the SLAs. Isolate problems quickly: Intelligent alerting eliminates "sea of red," and offers fast root-cause detection and automated actions to stop recurring outages. Customize alerting so only the right person gets the right alert at the right time.

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Target Business Size:
Mid Sized- Enterprise

Pricing Overview:
Not Available. up.time is licensed based on the number of monitored elements (servers, network devices). No additional fees for the size of monitored elements like per-CPU charges.

Cloud Supported: