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Nimsoft Cloud Monitoring Features:

Vblock Monitoring - The complete monitoring solution for Vblock Infrastructure Packages. Vblocks are pre-certified, pre-integrated cloud solutions based on technology solutions from Cisco, EMC and VMware that enable enterprises and service providers to immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of IT as a service. Nimsoft completes the Vblock solution with the proactive, predictive environment that allows customers to make and keep SLAs for key applications residing in Vblocks and enabling quick identification and remediation of problems when they occur.

Public Cloud Monitoring - Public cloud applications and services - like SalesForce, Amazon EC2/S3, Microsoft Windows Azure and others - are now a critical part of your computing infrastructure. For vital business services in public cloud environments, or spanning public clouds and data centers, only Nimsoft provides a complete integrated view delivering the detailed quality of service metrics, alarms, usage of your monitoring environment and automation that allows you to manage service levels and maintain uptime.

Private Cloud Monitoring - Nimsoft not only provides all the tools needed to monitor infrastructure within private clouds, but also solves unique private cloud monitoring problems, including zero-touch configuration and deployment of monitoring, mitigating underuse of cloud resources and integration with your complete enterprise monitoring environment.

Nimsoft for Cloud Providers - Whether your offering is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), or Platform as a Service (PaaS), Nimsoft is the best monitoring environment for cloud implementation and cloud services - fully featured, integration ready, zero-touch configuration and deployment, light-weight and with flexible business terms aligned with cloud business models.

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Enterprise, Managed Service Providers

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